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4G Smoke and Mirrors

I recently noticed that all cell carriers are now advertising 4G networks. As a technophile, my first thought should have been “Yeah!  More speed in more places.”  But it wasn’t.  It was a raised eyebrow. A couple of years ago I was … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football for the Green Movement

The NFL playoffs are underway, but for millions of Americans football season has ended.  With the conclusion of the regular season we have the end of fantasy football and its concomitant fascination with rushing yards, touchdowns, defensive points allowed, and … Continue reading

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Metaphor of the Week

“We are going to be a dog to the Frisbee on this issue.” – Michigan Congressman Fred Upton This from a George Will article this past weekend about things Congressman Upton will try to stop or reverse as he takes … Continue reading

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Keep Your Hands Off My Internet

I think the internet is going to catch on . . .   But, with pending regulation, perhaps not in ways it would otherwise. Today’s But if Not is a paraphrased quote to whom I don’t know to attribute: The two greatest … Continue reading

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Bootleggers and Baptists

Today’s But If Not . . . Bootleggers and Baptists During the early 1900’s the bootleggers, surreptitiously, and the Baptists, unwittingly, came together to promote prohibition.  The Baptists, true believers for sure, sought relief from the demon rum.  The bootleggers, capitalists for … Continue reading

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