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Second, Time On Task Yields Academic Achievement

There is an achievement gap between the poor and the wealthy and, in measure, it persists.  You can know this by reading the many studies that show it.  I know it first-hand. I grew up in Great Brook Valley, a highly … Continue reading

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First, Do No Harm

Mike has teed-up the broad question.  In this post I explore a portion of the nature-nurture question.  We parents tend to get “wrapped around the pole” pushing our kids. If we are to believe Dr. Chua, perhaps Asians get more … Continue reading

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To Begin a Dialogue on Parenting and Education

From a But If Nots reader I’ve enjoyed following your blog. Glad you are doing it!! On the way home this evening I was listening to Market Place and heard this commentary. I thought of you. Here’s the link. Anything … Continue reading

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