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I missed something significant in my earlier post, an outlier.  There is one school in Wake County with both a high portion of poor kids and high pass rates.  Who is this miracle worker and what are they doing?  Can … Continue reading

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Hiding poor performers is no fix

The News and Observer this morning attempts its own analysis of performance in Wake County schools.  Unfortunately they failed to clarify matters.  In response I sent the following letter to the editor.   Your article on five big questions fails … Continue reading

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Second, Time On Task Yields Academic Achievement

There is an achievement gap between the poor and the wealthy and, in measure, it persists.  You can know this by reading the many studies that show it.  I know it first-hand. I grew up in Great Brook Valley, a highly … Continue reading

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To Begin a Dialogue on Parenting and Education

From a But If Nots reader I’ve enjoyed following your blog. Glad you are doing it!! On the way home this evening I was listening to Market Place and heard this commentary. I thought of you. Here’s the link. Anything … Continue reading

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Teaching the Scientific Method

I have blogged before about social science, economics, and science in general.  A common, recurring theme is adherence to the scientific method and the use of control groups.  It turns out that teaching the scientific method can be fun and … Continue reading

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Sending our Kids to School in a Trabant

  This 1993 video of U2 singing Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love” shows a spinning car above the band – an homage to the Trabant, an East German car, meaning satellite or companion in German.  In today’s But if Not I tell … Continue reading

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Can Video Games Teach Us How to Succeed in the Real World?

Interesting article this morning in The Atlantic where Lane Wallace explores what drives us to be so drawn to video games and can these motivators be applied to computer-based instruction. It’s worth a read.  Meanwhile, here are a few quotes and … Continue reading

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