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4G Smoke and Mirrors

I recently noticed that all cell carriers are now advertising 4G networks. As a technophile, my first thought should have been “Yeah!  More speed in more places.”  But it wasn’t.  It was a raised eyebrow. A couple of years ago I was … Continue reading

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Seeing Things Clearly

Bill Gates predicted the merging of the different media (internet, TV, gaming) in general.  It happened.  And perhaps he missed it.  I say perhaps because the XBox is a significant foray into this space.  I say in general because his … Continue reading

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Verizon Gets the iPhone – Hurrah

As regular readers of this blog know my family recently acquired an iPhone.  That means that we have a two-year contract and are locked in with AT&T.  So why am I so happy that Verizon has launched its iPhone?  Because … Continue reading

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If Left to Its Own Devices

In response to the Going Green on Accident post Aaron Gallagher, A But if Nots reader and engineer, excellently commented The fact remains that the oil companies still have a huge influence on Washington DC and their agenda is contrary … Continue reading

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Going Green On Accident

“You have about 5 percent of the market that is green and committed to fuel efficiency, but the other 95 percent will give up an extra 5 mpg in fuel economy for a better cup holder.” In a highly interesting … Continue reading

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The Future of English is Binary

Several years ago we translated a software training product into Chinese only to be told by our Chinese counterparts that they preferred the English version – to help them learn and practice English. Work has taken me all around the … Continue reading

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More on Smartphones

A reader, Carol B, sent me a link to the following video.  Perhaps a moment of levity will help you choose between the Blackberry and the Apple.

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