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4G Smoke and Mirrors

I recently noticed that all cell carriers are now advertising 4G networks. As a technophile, my first thought should have been “Yeah!  More speed in more places.”  But it wasn’t.  It was a raised eyebrow. A couple of years ago I was … Continue reading

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Canada Cuts the Cheese

“When you need to cut down on government consumption there are two different approaches. One way is to take a little bit from everything . . . to use the cheese slicer . . . to take equally from everyone. … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football for the Green Movement

The NFL playoffs are underway, but for millions of Americans football season has ended.  With the conclusion of the regular season we have the end of fantasy football and its concomitant fascination with rushing yards, touchdowns, defensive points allowed, and … Continue reading

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A Trend Will Continue Until It Doesn’t

In the late 1800’s, during Walter Breuning’s youth, there were 200,000 horses living in New York City.  Each horse produced 24 pounds of manure a day.  New York City had a serious horse shit problem. the streets were “literaly carpeted with … Continue reading

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The Limits of What We Know

Last night I wrote about Jim Manzi’s piece on the limits of social science.  Today I throw macroeconomics under the social science bus too. Russ Roberts has a lengthy post on the limits of macroeconomics.  The post is well worth … Continue reading

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Going Green On Accident

“You have about 5 percent of the market that is green and committed to fuel efficiency, but the other 95 percent will give up an extra 5 mpg in fuel economy for a better cup holder.” In a highly interesting … Continue reading

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Algorithmic Trading is the Modern Gus Gorman

In Superman 3 Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) is a computer genius fed-up with the government taxing so much of his pay (don’t get me started).  Frustrated, he hacks his company’s payroll system to collect all the rounded off half-cents.  His … Continue reading

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