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I missed something significant in my earlier post, an outlier.  There is one school in Wake County with both a high portion of poor kids and high pass rates.  Who is this miracle worker and what are they doing?  Can … Continue reading

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Hiding poor performers is no fix

The News and Observer this morning attempts its own analysis of performance in Wake County schools.  Unfortunately they failed to clarify matters.  In response I sent the following letter to the editor.   Your article on five big questions fails … Continue reading

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Life’s Rich Pageant

Every now and again I come across an article in the newspaper about a real life circumstance that just tickles me beyond that which art or The Onion can do.  This morning I read such an article in the News … Continue reading

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4G Smoke and Mirrors

I recently noticed that all cell carriers are now advertising 4G networks. As a technophile, my first thought should have been “Yeah!  More speed in more places.”  But it wasn’t.  It was a raised eyebrow. A couple of years ago I was … Continue reading

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Second, Time On Task Yields Academic Achievement

There is an achievement gap between the poor and the wealthy and, in measure, it persists.  You can know this by reading the many studies that show it.  I know it first-hand. I grew up in Great Brook Valley, a highly … Continue reading

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First, Do No Harm

Mike has teed-up the broad question.  In this post I explore a portion of the nature-nurture question.  We parents tend to get “wrapped around the pole” pushing our kids. If we are to believe Dr. Chua, perhaps Asians get more … Continue reading

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Ride of a Lifetime

Every now and again circumstances conspire to create conditions that allow surfers to ride tidal bore waves for miles.  From Wired, here is an article, with accompanying video, of three surfers catching such a bore and surfing it for 45 … Continue reading

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