Get Rich Quick

Tired of the old 9 to 5?  Tired of the commute?  Tired of struggling to have the car you want, the house you want, the school for your kids that you want?

Imagine being self-employed.  Working in the sun, by the water, charting your own course.  Imagine working only 20 or 30 days a year and still make 5-6 million dollars.

If this all sounds like a good plan, then pirating may be the thing for you.

From an article in Wired we learn that

The average payout to ransom a hijacked ship was $5.4 million last year, up from just $150,000 in 2005.

Talk about a growth industry.

But before you choose to launch your pirate start-up, you should be aware that there are emerging barriers to entry.

 BAE Systems is marketing one of its shipboard laser dazzlers as a tool to blind pirates before they can take your ship hostage.

Further still, others have

placed nonlethal acoustic weapons on deck to shoo pirates away.

This can’t be any more dangerous than you have already experienced with your iPod headphones and the max volume setting.

So, if you think you are innovative enough to get around these obstacles, if you are one of the three people to have seen Water World, if you think you are committed enough to outwork the current crop of bandits . . . then go get your piece of a huge industry.

piracy has been allowed to fester because “$12 billion is chump change to the shipping industry.”

Chump change.

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