Contributors Wanted

The Wisdom of Crowds is real. 

When the space shuttle Challenger blew up it took scientists 3 months to identify the o-ring failure.  It took the market 20 minutes to narrow the problem to Morton Thiokol, maker of the o-rings, and 3 days to return other NASA contractors to pre-disaster pricing.  This kind of phenomena happens when different people have different bits of information to a problem and there is some kind of aggregator for such information.  Markets are such an aggregator.

This blog has done much to increase the frequency and quality of conversations I engage in. Now its time to aggregate the wisdom.  I am looking for guest bloggers to add to the conversation.

If you have something interesting to add to a topic covered here or if you believe you can clearly present an alternate perspective I want to hear from you.  My email address is

In that spirit, we extend the conversation on cancer.  Brooke Fortson, a coworker, adds to our understanding on advances in cancer research.  She writes a personal story that underscores the reality of cancer research and progress; that research money goes toward things we generally already know, that cancer survival rates are highest when cancer is detected early, and that there is an under investment in early detection of most types of cancer. 

I encourage you to look for and read Brooke’s post.  And I encourage you to participate in the bigger conversation that we are sharing on this site.

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