Best Magazine Articles from 2010 – The Sequel

I neglected to post about David Brooks follow-up on best magazine article because I had not read some of them.  I have now and can unequivocally recommend them to you.  With the east coast largely socked-in from the weather, I encourage you to sit down, take some time for long form essays and read the following:

Understanding Corruption – Lawrence Rosen

The Truth Wears Off – Jonah Lehrer (I can’t recommend this enough.  READ IT.  I am working on a post on this article.)

What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones? – Charlie LeDuff (on the death of Detroit)

The Demographic Future – Nicolas Eberestadt (megatrends matter, check it out)

The Inequality That Matters – Tyler Cowen (from the American Interest.  If you are interested in the debate of ideas, not the noise among the chattering class – of which I am a pretending member – the American Interest is worth visiting daily.  This magazine is published by what remains of the publishers of the now defunct Public Interest – whose death was precipitated by a rift among the publishers over the Iraq war.  Every month they take an issue and recruit 5 or so authors to write long form essays exploring that question.  For depth of understanding there are few alternatives better.)

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